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Trailer for equipment ITH 2/100

Main Indication: Transportation of the equipment model ITH 2 / 100

  • Made of rectangular steel tube 1010 x 1020
  • Measured 100 x 50 x 3mm
  • Hydraulic disc brake system with anti-lock system with reverse gear
  • Blade springs c / jumelo, rubber bumper and shock absorber
  • Wheel 15”
  • Tire 15” x 185/60
  • Axis with bearings with disk automotive type
  • Independent Tilting Platform of the chassis
  • Ball coupling system with automatic lock and security lock
  • Harnessing current to the vehicle, according to CONTRAN standards
  • Synthetic painting throughout the Trailer
  • 3rd wheel for support of parking and maneuvers
  • Front support (STOP) with regulation for balance the center of the machine when empty or loaded.
  • Tilting ramps for machine access
  • Adjustable clamps of hitching of the machine to the truck
  • Electrical system to regulate signaling 12V
  • Regulatory documentation according to CONTRAN Ordinance 47/98
  • Duly documented for licensing.