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Thermoplastic Fuser with Equip. ITH 130Q

Main Indication: Application by mechanical and manual shoe.

Thermoplastic Fuser

  • 23HP diesel engine with electric start
  • Set mounted on the platform with fuel tank and hydraulic oil
  • Fuser thermoplastic with capacity of 450kgs, equipped with thermometer and double thermal insulation, burner diesel
  • Heating diesel hot air circulation chambers around the thermoplastic container
  • Hydraulic oil tank with level display, and with approximately 40 liters
  • Hydraulic motor and independent command to drive the agitation system of the material
  • Manual Applicator Shoes: 10cm, 15cm and 40cm
  • A gas burner for heating shoes and cleaning buckets and plates
  • Two trays
  • Two buckets
  • Two spatulas with cable one meter
  • Two hatchets with steel cord cutting burrs
  • Two mallets of one kilo each
  • A stand for gas cylinder of 13 kg

ITH 130Q equipment

  • Extruded system
  • Petrol engine 5HP
  • Heat tank with capacity of 130 kilos
  • Self propelled equipment with traction hydraulic system (forward and reverse)
  • Variable Speed 0-4 km/h
  • Gas heating system for thermal tank and shoe through blowtorch
  • Shoe coupled mechanized applicator directly to the equipment applicator with pneumatically operated to open and close.
  • Approximate weight of 250kg
  • Extruded application condition with up to 20cm x 0,02cm
  • Vehicular steering box