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Main Indication: Application by manual shoe.

  • 14HP diesel engine with electric start
  • Steel platform
  • One fuser thermoplastic with capacity of 450kgs, equipped with thermometer and double thermal insulation, with electrical burner of 12 volts (does not require generator)
  • Heating diesel hot air circulation chambers around the thermoplastic container
  • Hydraulic oil tank with level display, and with approximately 40 liters
  • Hydraulic motor and independent command to drive the agitation system of the material
  • Vase heated and sieve capacity for 100kgs for transfer of material for shoes.
  • Two blowpipes the gas for heating of the shoes and cleanness of the buckets and plates
  • Four spatulas with cable a meter
  • Manual shoes of drag: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 40cm
  • Management headlights and warning lights to control the disposal of operators
  • Safety signs