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Main Indication: Application of cold paint, spray and extrusion thermoplastic.

  • 23HP diesel engine with electric start
  • Steel platform
  • Two Fuser for thermoplastic with capacity of 500kgs each with side outlets, 12 volt electric burner (does not require generator)
  • Two stainless steel tanks for ink cold with 200 liters capacity each
  • One extra tank for ink cold with a capacity of 60 liters
  • Two tanks for glass bead with a capacity of 260kgs each
  • One tank for solvent with a capacity of 20 liters
  • 70PCM air compressor
  • Left and right side control panel
  • Three mechanical guns for ink cold
  • Six glass bead guns
  • One manual gun with 10 meters of special twin hose for air and ink
  • One mechanical shoe
  • Automatic electronic for cold system: with 10 fixed measures and the variables are unlimited. One double and one single
  • One exclusive automatic electronic for hot system
  • Independent Oil Tank of truck
  • Circulator Pump of thermal oil
  • Three manual shoes: 15cm - 20cm - 40cm
  • Safety signs